Governance System

Having A Voice In Your Destiny

Cultivating idependence, autonomy & self-rule

The objective of our governance framework is to cultivate the desirable traits of independence, autonomy, and self-rule. By engaging all parties invested in the school system, we aim to give everyone a voice in shaping its future through voting.

Integrating the Cardano Governance System into MCA will be the last and most difficult element in the Cardano roadmap. Currently, we have started with First Root.

MCA classroom-min

Our Current Proposal

The FirstRoot program promoting financial literary training through participatory budgeting is a viable program for introducing the Cardano governance program.

  • FirstRoot is a microcosm of Project Catalyst in that it provides funds to a class to motivate innovation, define a project, evaluate it and propose it to the class community for a vote.
  • FirstRoot is our first step towards teaching the democratic process and financial literacy through the experience of participatory budgeting.