What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that has evolved out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach. It has a smart contract platform that delivers more advanced features than any other protocol, which is the reason why Musawenkosi Christian Academy has chosen it as the blockchain protocol that will be used to fund and empower the school. The development team behind Cardano is a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers. With this advanced technology, the school aims to improve the performance of students, teachers, and the school as a whole, by merging technology with education.

Get Your Eternl Wallet Today!

With the Eternl light wallet, you can easily access Cardano and use our smart contracts to transfer funds for A Model School of your choice. The Eternl wallet simplifies the process by making it easy to buy ADA, earn ADA through staking, send and receive ADA, swap with other coins as well as execute our smart contracts.

Installing this wallet is a simple three step process of:
1. Naming your wallet
2. Creating your spending password
3. Recording and saving a 24 word recovery phrase.

The Eternl light wallet is an excellent light wallet created by members of the Cardano community and designed to meet the communities needs.

IOHK, the founding company of the Cardano protocol, has recently launched its own light wallet called Lace. Because the Lace wallet is being fully integrated with the Cardano protocol and the Atala Identity system will be built in as well, at some point when Lace is fully functional, we will eventually transition to the Lace wallet in order to take advantage of its Identity program.


Why Use Cardano?

Cardano is creating the future of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Born out of scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach, Cardano gives unparalleled advancement in the realm of decentralized applications and transactions. The Cardano platform boasts a smart contract capability that surpasses other protocols in existence, making it the ideal choice when seeking a secure and innovative solution. This is made possible by its global development team, made up of highly skilled engineers and researchers who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in blockchain technology. With Cardano, we are entering a new era of smart contract functionality and blockchain evolution.

Here are just a few reason why we are using Cardano:

Longevity - It has been built to last 50-100 years

Stability - It is deflationary in nature and a challenge to the world's central banks which are creating inflation by printing too much money.

Security - It has the best decentralized system which cannot be controlled or shut down by any company, bank, or centralized authority.

Scalability - It has been built to become the world's "financial operating system".

How We Use Cardano?

How Musawenkosi Christian Academy is Paving the Way for the Future of Schools Across the Globe

Cardano is more than just a blockchain platform; it is a revolutionary tool for shaping the future of education. With four critical elements - Treasury, Incentive, Identity, and Governance systems - it provides the perfect framework for integrating with participating schools. We will enhance both school and student performance by utilizing the power of blockchain technology.

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