The Incentive System

Learn To Earn

driving excellence and sparking motivation

By harnessing the power of smart contracts, we are revolutionizing the way rewards are distributed and reducing the burden of manual management.

We focus on recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance in learning tasks, with rewards being deposited directly into students' "Education Fund" or teachers' "Futures Fund" light wallet accounts. This not only incentivizes hard work and dedication but also provides a simple and efficient way for individuals to reap the benefits of their efforts.

Grade 7 on first day of school at new site

How Does It Work?

The Incentive System is funded by money coming to the treasury from donors. Motivating rewards are then given out for improved performance.


SMART CONTRACT - Math Performance

When performance of the 2023 5th grade math class goes above the baseline performance criterion of 60 percentile, rewards will be triggered to the accounts of the school, the teacher, the students and the teaching assistants. Click on this contract to see a graphic representation of the program's impact.

SMART CONTRACT - Student Blogs

This contract rewards both current & graduate students who submit photos, videos, or stories that illustrate the power of their MCA education. It is important to note that the student will only be rewarded if their submission is accepted.

SMART CONTRACT - Biblical Worldview

(In Process)
We believe the proper context for understanding and constraining the potential evil influences of modern technology is a thorough understanding of the Biblical worldview and its ethical value system.