The Treasury System

Doing Good While Doing Well

revolutionizing donor-recipient communication

By using smart contracts to automate "donor to recipient" relationships, we are reinforcing this relationship with regular communication, strengthening the donor's school of choice by contributing to its treasury, all while providing the donor and opportunity for "Doing Good While Doing Well". By this we mean that the donor, by investing in ADA, Cardano's currency, and earning ADA through staking, can share some of his or her rewards with a favorite charity.

Furthermore, we intend to develop user-friendly donation links to support a variety of donation types which will make it more convenient than ever to contribute.

A classroom at our old site

How Does It Work?

Our focus is on nurturing personal relationships with the school though automating the flow of information to the donor. In the following list, you see some of the first smart contracts to be introduced at MCA. The primary purpose of the Treasury system is to solve the problem faced by many independent schools, which is how to nurture donor relationships, keep them involved with the school, and maintain a long-term giving relationship.


SMART CONTRACT - Donor to School

(Tested and Active)
Donor commits a certain amount of ADA to a monthly contract activated when the school sends a monthly report.

SMART CONTRACT - Pen Pal Relationship: Student to Student

(In Process)
This contract links donors to students à la Compassion International. It may link student to student, family to family, or teacher to teacher, any number of matches. The purpose of this contract is to reinforce on-going giving by strengthening a personal relationship between the matched parties.