How A Model School + Cardano Are Changing Education And The Future

In today’s day and age- it’s easy to worry. Worry about our kids, the future we’re leaving them with, and if we are doing enough. We at A Model School have the same worries and are doing something about them. We are choosing to make a difference in our kids' future through education. School is where kids spend most of their time and where they start to truly form as young adults.

We are partnering with Cardano to help children take control and responsibility of their education AND lives. By using smart contracts to establish our  4 pillar system, we are creating a new and simple way for children and educators to change the world.


Merger traditional and technology

What Are Smart Contracts?

A smart contract is like a magic box that two people can agree to use to make sure they both keep their promises. They each put something in the box (like money) and agree that if certain things happen (like a certain date arrives or a certain score is reached), the box will automatically open and give what's inside to the right person.

This way, nobody can cheat and everybody gets what they were promised! Smart contracts are like super-powered piggy banks that know when it's time to give back what's inside!

Why Do We Use Them?

Automation - This eliminates the need for intermediaries or third parties to oversee the agreement.

Security - Once the contract is encoded & stored on the blockchain, they cannot be altered or tampered with.

Transparency - Anyone can access and verify the terms of the contract, reducing the risk of fraud.

Get Your Eternl Wallet Today!

With the Eternl light wallet, you can easily access Cardano and use our smart contracts to transfer funds for A Model School of your choice. The Eternl wallet simplifies the process by making it easy to buy ADA, earn ADA through staking, send and receive ADA, swap with other coins as well as execute our smart contracts.

Installing this wallet is a simple three step process of:
1. Naming your wallet
2. Creating your spending password
3. Recording and saving a 24 word recovery phrase.

The Eternl light wallet is an excellent light wallet created by members of the Cardano community and designed to meet the communities needs.

IOHK, the founding company of the Cardano protocol, has recently launched its own light wallet called Lace. Because the Lace wallet is being fully integrated with the Cardano protocol and the Atala Identity system will be built in as well, at some point when Lace is fully functional, we will eventually transition to the Lace wallet in order to take advantage of its Identity program.

Live Progress