Understanding Model Schools

Revolutionizing Education:
Merging Tradition and Technology

Our school, Musawenkosi Christian Academy in South Africa, is leading the way in using the Cardano protocol and smart contracts to link donors to schools, incentivize academic performance, provide students with a digital identity, and promote self-governance. Our mission is to empower education with Cardano, a decentralized and secure blockchain technology that allows us to create a model school for the rest of Africa and the world.

By becoming a Model School, you gain access to our smart contracts and the opportunity to be listed on our website, all while encouraging your donors to stake their ADA to our CAMS stake pool for rewards and funding for further development. Join us on our mission for a better future in education across the globe.

Merger traditional and technology

What is A Model School?

A Model School in the most general sense is any school that would like to use our model of using the Cardano protocol and smart contracts to link their donors to their school. We would like to make it available to as many schools as possible with just a few requirements.

More specifically, our target market is independent Christian schools that stand firmly in the Judeo-Christian tradition teaching a Biblical worldview as represented by the heritage of Charlotte Mason, the Association of Classical Christian Schools, Association of Christian Schools International and other Christo-Centric schools.

Why become A Model School?

Preparing Students for the Future with Cardano: A Biblical Perspective

We believe that training students in the new blockchain technology as represented by the Cardano protocol serves the best interests of students around the world by equipping them with the skills that will be needed by them in the twenty-first century.

We also believe that given the sinful nature of man and man’s propensity to use any tool or technology for good or for evil, that the proper context in which the new technology is best understood and applied is that of a Biblical worldview and ethical system.

Kids in class at the original facility