Identity System

Digital and Dedicated Identity

A more secure, streamlined, and efficient way of managing personal information

Cardano's Identity System is called Atala Prism. Atala Prism will revolutionize the way students, staff, & faculty manage and share their personal information through a secure and decentralized digital platform.

Each user is assigned a unique digital identity that serves as a virtual repository for important documents like certificates, degrees, identity papers, and more. With full control over their credentials, individuals can rest assured that their information is protected and accessible only to those with whom they choose to share it.

Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of managing multiple physical copies of credentials and say hello to a more secure, streamlined, and efficient way of managing your personal information.

The Atala identity system is built into the new Cardano light wallet, Lace, and will become available once we transition students' accounts to the Lace wallet.

Student on opening day

A Closer Look

How we're protecting our students

 Atala Prism Demo

Want to know how Atala PRISM can power a smarter world? This interactive demo will show you what a city driven by Atala PRISM would look like through the eyes of its residents.

Cardano's Light Wallet

Using Cardano's light wallet, LACE, in which the Prism identity system is integrated, we will begin to educate students in the value of having control over their personal identity.

Beyond a Digital to a Dedicated Identity

If we are successful in our Christian education we pray that our students will not only have a Digital Identity but move beyond it to a Dedicated Identity expressed well by Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his poem, "Who Am I?"