The New, Modern Technology

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency with a smart contract platform, which is why Musawenkosi Christian Academy has chosen it as the cryptocurrency that will be used to fund and empower the school.

More about Cardano:

  • Cardano + MCA = A Model School
  • Smart contracts to link donors to the school
  • Blockchain technology to expand your reach
  • Built to last, private, secure, scalable
  • Decentralized money, no central control

Sign Up For A Smart Contract

Our administration building at MCA

Donor to School

Periodic payments with periodic reports.
A smart contract is loaded, activated, and paid out monthly for 12 months upon receipt of the monthly update.

A Model School Empower Students

Pen-Pal Contract

Building friendships between students or classes.
A smart contract is loaded for 12 months and paid out monthly. It can be canceled at any time by either party with funds returned to the original account.

A classroom at our old site

Smart Donations

Multiple opportunities for targeted donations.
This is a list of student-submitted proposals that can be donor-funded and MCA financed and purchased before the donor’s funds are released to the school.


Get Your Eternl Wallet Today!

By using the Eternl wallet, you can easily access Cardano and use our smart contracts to transfer funds for A Model School of your choice. The Eternl wallet simplifies the process, making it easier for you to send and receive ADA, as well as execute smart contracts.

Legacy Technology

Traditional online donations using credit cards have been a staple of online fundraising for many years. This tried-and-true method is not based on crypto-currency, but on the established financial systems we've come to trust. While Cardano offers a new and innovative way to donate, credit card donations remain a familiar and secure option.

For those less acquainted with crypto-currencies, using a credit card to support MCA is a straightforward choice.