MCA’s Project Catalyst: Smart Donations

The Smart Donation Process Described:

  • Proposal Submitted - Using the FirstRoot model of participatory budgeting and democratic process, a class/es, a grade/s, or the entire school, will propose, research, vote, and submit targeted, Smart Donation proposals with budget requirements. *
  • Donor Commits - Individual or organizational donors evaluate and then commit to funding a proposal through a Smart Donation contract on the website. Donor enters contact information and funds the proposal in the escrow account of the smart contract. Funds are held in escrow until proposal completion.
  • School Executes - In this case, MCA from its Treasury account funds the implementation of the proposal and submits evidence of execution, receipts, photos, short report, etc.
  • Smart Donation Activated - By prior agreement and upon submission of evidence of proposal completion, donor-committed funds are released to the school (MCA) Treasury account.

* A similar structure (Proposals Submitted, Donor Commits, School Executes, Donation Activated) to guarantee funds go for the intended purpose may be considered and made available to donors and stakeholders.

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The Smart Donation Results Reported:




MCA Cardano Implementers




Paid Invoice


MCA Graduates
Miriam and Simon

The Smart Donation Results Reported:

SD #2 Internet Extender to the Classrooms

The school has an internet access that is connecting the offices( Admin block area). The access doesn’t reach the classroom, therefore the school needs an extension for connection. The quotation was done with the Wire Tech for the connection. See attached. Quotation QU002505

SD #1 Projector for Training

As MCA Graduates we humbly request a donation to buy MCA a School Projector to be used by teachers and staff as a resource for training students. Additionally, we expect that this Projector can be used as a tool for training parents regarding various activities and projects in which their children are involved in the…